Look back at any picture of me on a good night out and I have the full works of makeup on. Blackest of black eyeliner and mascara that makes your eyelashes double in length like a pair of falsies being my favorites.

Nowadays, a really good skincare routine replaces all my eyeshadow palettes. I still wear some makeup, but I realized that I have my routine down. I KNOW what looks good on me. I know the exact colors and products that make my face glow and make me feel like I could do the splits on the red carpet. I know what makes me look Dewey and sun-filled during the day. But all of this happens with a makeup collection that is a third of the size that it was 5 years ago.

I love Sephora. But not because of the hoards of makeup. No. I love Sephora because of how cool they are with letting you try on anything you want, sample anything you want, and return anything you don’t like once you try it on at home.

Just because you spent money on it doesn’t mean you have to own it for eternity. Make your makeup collection a go-to tool box instead of a rummage fest.

Trust yourself. You know what you use. You know what you like. You know what looks good on you.

And there’s sooo many products out there now that help your skin become more healthy so less makeup has to go on top of it. Makeup is so much fun and can be pricey to build a collection but the best curated looks aren’t left to randomness- it’s a buildup of products that work well together.

Don’t leave your face to randomness or old products that aren’t fresh anymore. Sitting there longer won’t make it retain more value. ❤️❤️ let that shit go, edit your makeup collection.

And down here I’m using clear acrylic makeup trays from The Container Store that just make it SO EASY to see and find what you need.

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