Everyone’s jumping all over Amazon Prime Day Deals for kitchen, electronics, and toys for kids holiday gift ideas, but I’ve got my eye on one prize: deals for plants and apartment gardening so I can continue to build a jungalow to live in. Check out these five that I dug up from the thousands of offers.

(Transparency Time: While I only share products I believe in, there may be ones I do not yet own and have a different brand or version of. The links shared are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on the products I handpicked and is at no cost to you.)

1. Give Them Space: Set Of Plastic Planters

if you’re going to grow some plant babies, you’ve got to have planters with drainage! Plant love 101: good drainage so you don’t get root rot or overwater and kill the plants. This happens so often! I killed our aloe vera and almost killed a few other succulents by over watering AND not giving the soil enough drainage. The ways you can create drainage are to either put rocks at the bottom of a planter so there’s some wiggle room for water to flow and evaporate or be used slowly  OR to use a planter with a hole in the bottom and a dish underneath so there’s an outlet. That’s why these are so great. Grab this set herehttps://amzn.to/3lKHI4i

Planters, ZOUTOG 6 inch Plastic Plant Pots Indoor


2. Climbing Plant Moss Stake 

I love my climbing vines and tall plants, but in order for you to really see them shine, you have to have a stake to prop them up and that they can grab on to and climb like a ladder! This plant stake is a wooden stake, but with a twist: it is wrapped in coir moss and can be extended by adding another to the top when the plant outgrows it.  A lot of people just use wooden or metal stakes, but having a moss filled stake is even better. If you’re growing a Monstera or Philodendron especially, this is a great hack- because these plants need the organic material to grow on as if they are in the forest and it gives them something to attach their aerial roots to.  grab a Coir Moss Stick for Climbing Plants here for a few bucks off just for prime day: https://amzn.to/3dqQfpK

Plant Stake Support for Climbing Plant Coir Moss Stick

3. Hydrating Duo: Long Spout Watering Can & Fine Mist Spray Bottle 

So, these two are the best combo for watering right here! See that long spout on the watering can? That’s to prevent spills. Because let me tell you, I am so guilty of this. Every time I try to water my plants with a regular sprinkling garden watering can, it goes EVERYWHERE. I try so hard to get the perfect pour… nah. Doesn’t happen. So that’s why I love this spout. It is helpful for reaching high places or hard to reach plants that may be nestled behind others. It’s also great for if you need to inject water directly into the soil. The spray bottle is great for squeezing a fine mist of water on to the leaves of smaller plants. Sometimes plants don’t need a big pour right into the dirt and just need. a bit of surface water. this is great for that!  They come in a few colors too. So here’s the duo for sale here: https://amzn.to/3nP1j59

Vaupan Plant Watering Can, Stainless Steel Long Spout Watering Pot with 500ml Fine Mist Spray Bottle for Watering Indoor Outdoor Plants, Succulents and Flowers

4. Foldify Pine Wood Plant Stands

If you’re in a small space like me, you’re going to want multi-level plant stands so that you can get a bunch of plants all together without junking up your space. These two are my favorite. I love the shorter one for balconies and the taller one for the corner of a room- pretty much anywhere! Taking advantage of height with plants is the perfect way to fill up space without being too cluttered. save between $17-27 on these. Tall Stand Link: https://amzn.to/3lEO6Kf Short Stand Link: https://amzn.to/3nJIGiN

Foldify Bamboo Plant Stand Indoor&Outdoor Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Rack Unit for Patio Garden Corner Balcony Living Room(6 Flowerpots)

Foldify Pine Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Rack Higher and Lower Planter Display Shelving Unit in Garden Balcony Patio Living Room(7-9 Flowerpots)


5. Wood & Rope Hanging Shelves 

See now these… these are my favorite. I have been growing out a bunch of String of Pearls and Im waiting until they have a bit more growth on them so I can add them to my hanging triangle shelves. These are the perfect wall decor. They add something geometric to a space that usually has picture frames and regular shelves. Great for ivy, fern, and any type of plant that has a lot of long hanging. Grab a set here: https://amzn.to/33VrSxn

Triangle hanging rope shelves, wooden. AGSIVO Hanging Shelves Wall Mounted



6. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed All Purpose Plant Food

I like feeding my plants. I just give a shake of this on each plant about once a month or every few weeks and whew those babies grow. Try it out and let me know if you’ve got some major growth! I’ve seen my money tree, yucca, and vines grow by a third very fast- not sure if they are just happy plants or if the plant food is working, but hey- I’ll take it! Of course you can grab some at any gardening or home improvement store, but if you want the prime deal, grab it for a few bucks off here: https://amzn.to/3dnPsGg

miracle gro shake n feed all purpose plant food

Well, that’s about it for now! I could talk all day about my Plant Plan and my ambition to live in an indoor jungle. So if you want to see my progress and more suggestions from me, sign up on the email list real quick below and I’ll send you something to your inbox that I think is pretty cool! I promise never to spam.

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